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Top 5 Tools to Help Students Study Better and Increase Mental Health


Wherever they are, college students have a heavy burden on their minds. With the anticipation from their parents and the current economy, the students usually want to perform their best to achieve something in their society. Without the expected performance, students will feel inadequate, and this forces them into a state of anxiety and later depression.




One way to combat depression in college students is by helping them study better and to improve in their academic performance. For this purpose, we have created this post to help you, as a student, find the top 5 tools that will facilitate your learning. With these tools, you will increase your performance and reduce the risk of college depression.


1. Schooltraq:

Like me, many people have a hard time managing their time well. However, we should avoid the tendency if we need to reach the success part of this life. In whatever you are doing, time management is vital, and without reaching your target before time, you may be considered a failure.


Students who want to learn better and improve their academic performance need to track their time well and make the maximum use of the resources. If, for instance, you have a task to finish in a given duration, like writing an assignment, you must do it before the deadline hits.


The Schooltraq tool helps learners to plan their tasks ahead work toward the goals as per the schedules. It also syncs with your phone to update you on your deadlines, so you do not miss them. When you manage your time well, then you can achieve your goals within the expected span.


2. Grammarly:

Students who write in English, especially those learning it as a second or third language, find it hard to write error-free essays. We also know that you cannot pass your college examinations unless you present well-written papers, showing a good command of the English language. Poorly written work will lead to lower grades.


You can boost your intellectual health when you write quality papers. Reading more and studying the language is essential to improving your spoken and written English. However, you need a way to ensure that your communication is of a high standard to avoid language misuse. For this purpose, Grammarly is a fundamental tool for college students.


With Grammarly, you will write your paper and correct well over 200 known grammatical mistakes that appear in daily conversations and written work. As a premium user, you can use Grammarly as a website to check for plagiarism. In so doing, you will ensure that your written work is original and presentable to your examiners since the copied work will lead to serious trouble in your academics.


3. Gutenberg:

Access to academic materials is another challenge students face. Doing research requires you to read different resources to come up with the supportive information to base your arguments on a thesis. Gutenberg helps you to meet your academic needs with the books you want at any time you need them.


With Gutenberg, you do not have to visit the library or carry heavy loads of textbooks. You only have to download the eBooks to your PC and read them at your convenience.


4. Udemy:

Sometimes the classwork you cover is not sufficient for your needs. Or maybe you do not enjoy your classes, and you want to explore the alternatives. Having a substitute class can help you explore advanced knowledge outside the traditional classroom.


Udemy is an online courses website where you can buy courses for as little as $10. When you want a different approach to learning, Udemy comes in handy. At the end of each course on Udemy, you will receive a certificate of completion.


5. Bookwormhub:

Another source of college depression is the loads of homework that students cannot complete on their own. Sometimes college students receive assignments that seem too complicated for you to handle. It calls for the need of the experts to guide them to understand what they are supposed to do.


On Bookwormhub, you will meet different academic experts in various fields and subjects. They will help you break down the assignment instructions for you to understand the requirements. After the breakdown, you are now able to tackle the homework using the resources you already have at hand. Bookwormhub helps you reduce the risk of depression in college students.


About the Author – Jeff Blaylock:

Jeff is a university graduate holding a Masters degree in Philosophy. In the college life, Jeff provided anxiety help to many students who needed to overcome the fear of failure by guiding them on the right methods of study. Currently, Jeff is a freelance academic and article writer on various platforms

Phupphusamocana mudra, Benefits, How to do , Duration


Phupphumocana mudra is an excellent mudra for depression.

How to do Phupphusamocana mudra

Phupphusamocana mudra

Step 1.Place the tips of little finger at the bottom of the thumb finger.

Step 2. Place the tips of ring finger at the middle of the thumb finger

Step 3.Now join the tips of middle finger and thumb finger and extend the index finger to form Phupphusamocana mudra.

Duration of Phupphusamocana mudra

30 to 45 minutes of practice is enough to get good results.

Benefits of Phupphusamocana mudra

  1. Clears the bronchial tube.
  2. Enhances immunity.
  3. Heals all the problems of lungs.
  4. Helps to overcome sadness and depression.



Back Mudra ,Benefits,How to do ,Duration


Back mudra is especially beneficial for back pain. It’s excellent when you have strain due to heavy work or wrong posture.

Back mudra

How to do Back mudra

Right hand: Join the tips of thumb finger, middle finger and little finger and extend remaining finger.

Left hand: Join the tips of index finger and thumb finger.

Duration of Back mudra

Do back mudra for five minutes thrice a day or when ever you have a pain in you back.

Other options of Back pain

  1. Mudra for back pain
  2. Accupressure points for back pain
  3. Ayurveda for back pain


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