Conscious Authority


It’s a practical experience of our authority in our life.

The functions of mind have mainly divided into four. Bhudhi, Ahamkara, Manas, And Intelligence. Whatever you encounter in your life will analyze by these four functions and it completely works under the Authority of your consciousness.

Conscious Authority is a training given to the person who is interested to take control over their life.

Here, we discuss and teach  Janna Yoga.

Also, cover the subjects of other yogas like Karma, Bhakti and Raja yoga.





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I think 80 to 90 percent of people on this earth wish to have authority on everything.

Conscious Authority

Conscious authority is a concept that will explain what is the real power of human being and how to use it.

We are here to train people to use their authority in their life and lead a fulfilling life.



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